I happen to know a lot of farmers and (kind of) was one growing up in rural Illinois.  Not too long ago I got to know a very smart, kind and good man who happened to be the past President of a state Farm Bureau.  He grew corn and raised dairy cows.  At the time he was testing an organic biotechnology from my company and we naturally discussed GMO’s.  Even after I gave him data suggesting that it was unhealthy, he replied that they couldn’t get any other kind of corn to grow in their area.   No corn, no cows, no money, no more family farm.

With the ensuing reports showing how many US farmers are running farms MORE profitably with GMO products, many farmers are breaking out of multi-billion dollar brainwashing by Monsanto and our government.

It is really quite sad that US farmers are losing hundreds of millions dollars due to disinformation.  The good news is that in the farming community, success spreads like wildfire.

US consumers continue to change our food supply system simply by putting the money where there best well being of their families are.  Getting back to non-polluted food.

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U.S. importers bought about 44,900 Tons organic corn from Romania

HAMBURG, May 13 (Reuters) – U.S. importers recently bought
about 44,900 tonnes of corn free of genetically-modified
organisms (GMOs) from Romania, European traders said on Friday.

One 23,900 tonne consignment and another of 21,000 tonnes
were purchased in late April, they said.

“This is organic grade, non-GMO corn,” one European trader
said. “I think we could see more purchasing like this as sales
of organic foods in the United States increase.”

(Reporting by Michael Hogan)

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