For old SNL fans, (either old people who remember SNL or young people who have enjoyed SNL), you’ll remember the Chevy Chase fake TV ad for SHIMMER.  It’s a floor wax AND a desert topping!M_BronnerLavenderSoap_GWP_005-blog-1200x652

Guess what?  It’s basically real.

Thrive market is advertising a product from Dr. Bronner called “18-in-1” Pure-Castile Soap.”  They claim it has 18 uses for everything from a shave gel and decongestant to a fruit and veggie wash or mouthwash.

The list:

1. Face wash

2. Hand wash

3. Shave gel

4. Aftershave

5. Body wash

6. Aromatherapy

7. Shampoo

8. Decongestant

9. Foot soak

10. Toothpaste

11. Mouthwash

12. Laundry detergent

13. Floor cleaner

14. Fruit and veggie wash

15. Dog shampoo

16. Dish detergent

17. Glass cleaner

18. Tub and toilet cleaner

Read the experience of the writer’s experiment to try all 18 here.

And for laughs, if you want to compare it to the Chevy Chase product – watch it below: