The Rise of Breast Cancer

I hate the fact so many people have cancer.  I hate worse that the medical industry hides the fact that not only is their an epidemic since the introduction of GMO’s , vaccines and chemotherapy, but also that there are CURES that have been known for decades they hide because they aren’t profitable.


Thank goodness for entities such as The Truth About Cancer, Mercola and The Health Ranger who are exposing the truth about both.


In the past week I’ve had two friends who have gotten hit with cancer fears.  I had circulated an email for many years with 150 links to videos, studies and testimonies but had the opportunity to clean it up so I could it send it to both today.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BOOKMARK AND SEND TO YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY WHO THINK THAT A CANCER DIAGNOSIS MEANS DEATH OR YEARS OF PAINFUL TREATMENT.

First – watch these two videos IMMEDIATELY.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

How Proven Cancer Cures Were Stamped Out by Big Pharma in the Past 50 Years –

There are a number of protocols many have tried.  Here are links to testimonies of people who have beaten all kinds of cancers:

1. Grape Seed Extract
2. Vitamin D
3. Liposomal Vitamin C
4. Tumeric
5. Whey (Protein Milk Shake)

Hemp Oil
In addition to the practical methods (and the SPIRITUAL VIDEO in the first section), there are many testimonies of people who have beaten cancer through prayer – sometimes even without any other treatment.
Many of these stories are available at The Awesome Power Project. including this one of a man cured of inoperable cancer.
sem-amazon-ebook-coverI’d also like to give you  – for free – an edited copy of THE SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY MANUAL for you, your friends or family.  It contains many scriptures on healing and how to combat FEAR from the Word of God.
Please just click the book image to the right, or the following link to download the PDF:spiritual-emergency-manual-healing-only.
The full book is available is on Amazon.