The always thorough Climate Depot reposted an article talking about Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL dismal box office showing in it’s second week of release at #15.  As I pointed out last week after it’s opening in 4 theaters, Hollywood will (rightfully) not feel any blood drawn on arrows fired at their total box office gross of $900,000 but rather the PER SCREEN number of $5,000.  THE DARK TOWER did only slightly better in it’s first week of release at $5,651 per screen.  By their values, INCONVENIENT SEQUEL was the 3rd best, second week of release, movie  – very respectable in their eyes.

But even that is all bullshit.

My reply:

It is worse than you suggest. Look at the numbers. An even “$5,000” on an even “$900,000” suggests that these aren’t even real patrons but the product of either group sales or, what is called, “4-walling” a theater. 4 Walling is where the distributor actually buys out the theater at a set price – and distributes tickets as they see fit. The exhibitor – since all seats are sold out – only reports the total number they were paid – NOT the people who attended. As we saw from last weekend’s numbers the per screen average fell precipitously from $15K on Friday, to $10K on Saturday (a terrible sign since this should be the highest grossing day), to $5,117 on Sunday. This is on four screens that were heavily promoted. It frankly is impossible for a rollout to 162 screens, with almost no advertising, on a film that isn’t well accepted by the public (49% Audience Rotten Tomato score) would do as well in all 162 locations as it did on opening weekend on 4 “hyped” screens. There are 3rd party sources that independently gauge patron counters, but my guess is the threat from liberal Hollywood (who pays their bills) is likely far to great to give us the real numbers. Even the dismal showing is more #fakenews arbitrarily created to show it’s “per screen average” as acceptable – and they can’t even deceive that right.