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Unfortunately the larger the organization, the more money is spent MARKETING to get your money, rather than actually making it to people who need it.  Only 8% of your donation to the Red Cross actually goes to the emergency effort as compared to 93% by the Salvation Army.  The Red Cross has had numerous misuses exposed including the half billion dollars for Haiti that rebuilt only small homes.  This week, the Red Cross admitted they had NO IDEA of how much money they would actually spend on Harvey.  In fact it’s worse, the administrator admits they have no idea how to determine that.  (A Senate study in 2015 found that 25% of the $500 million collected for Haiti went to internal costs including staff and executive salaries.)

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It may make you feel better for 5 minutes by texting BYEMONEY to 00666, but if you truly want to help – spend 5 minutes researching who you are giving to.


I have volunteered for years at the Houston Food Bank.  They have 3 locations that prepares meals for shelters, shut-ins and the underprivileged and is a DIRECT Houston non-profit setup to assist.

Operation Blessing was on the ground BEFORE Harvey even hit. Video below and donate here.

If you or someone you know were affected by this weekend’s storm and
need assistance, please call the Houston Food Bank helpline at (832) 369-9390
or use the agency locator to find a pantry near you.

Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham runs SAMARITAN PURSE, which abides by the open reporting (and grading) standards of the ECFA who will kick ANY ministry out before the coin hits the bottom of the collection plate.   It is listed below with other very reputable groups that have very good transparency and track records:

The Southern Baptist Convention North American Mission Board’s division of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (which “promises donors that 100% of the donations they receive go directly to disaster relief efforts through their SEND Relief division”) and the Salvation Army are two of the three largest mobilizers of trained disaster relief volunteers in the U.S. (The Red Cross is the third.) Here are just a few others (and there are many more!) operated by Biblically faithful, evangelical denominations:

Samaritan’s Purse’s U.S. Disaster Relief division was fully prepared for Harvey and has already begun major relief efforts, as has Convoy of Hope.

Above links from Cornwall Alliance