By now if you still believe Joel Osteen intentionally closed his church to stay tucked in his multi-million home, you either aren’t trying very hard or you have a natural intolerance to facts and truth.  Max Lucado, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, American Idol’s Danny Gokey and dozens of others have raced to set the record straight and heartily give their support.  It’s almost a George Bailey moment.

UPDATE – Pastors around the world record endorsements, pledge support for Lakewood’s Hurricane Harvey effort including Max Lucado, Jentzen Franklin, Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, Franklin Graham and more.

Osteen Post Harvey Service Short Endorsements on Vimeo.

Below is a compilation of these defenses from local (competitive) pastors to local radio talk show hosts that LIVE in Houston to show just how egregious this story was.

To those that believe Joel is a theological “heretic” then you are also defaming Billy Graham, tens of thousands who worship and serve at Lakewood and dozens of other mainline Christian leaders. Here is why Joel doesn’t teach a “gospel” any different from the bible.

To those who are still ignorant of the facts around Osteen’s finances (including the findings of a secular investigative reporter) – click here.

First, local radio talk show host Tom Shillue on his findings from his investigation into the facts and timeline surrounding the entire controversy.

And ANOTHER Radio host/reporter in an investigative article –

The City of Houston and Harris County Emergency Management have instead been instructing those in need of a place to stay to head to any number of designated shelters.  Likely wary of the violence, rape, and other issues at the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina, Houston officials have avoided using massive complexes like Lakewood to house victims. Simply put, as the Superdome demonstrated, it is simply too difficult to manage that many people in one place.

Instead, emergency workers have been pooling supplies at the designated relief areas, which are smaller and easier to manage.  Moreover, having multiple relief areas spread around the city makes far more logistical sense than one or two massive sites like a megachurch (which used to be a basketball arena) or a football stadium.

“We were on the phone with the city … they said the shelters are fine at the moment,” Lakewood spokesman Don Iloff told “We basically said we can put [a few hundred] people on the second level [and the] city said, ‘We’ll get back with you.’ We are prepared to house those people.”

Next, a local Houston pastor who has observed the Osteen’s for 30 years through natural disasters from Hurricane Ike to Harvey.

Famous actor/director/producer and Oprah BFF Tyler Perry puts HIS reputation on the line with his money in addressing Joel and Victoria and his friendship with them.


I will add more as I have time but anyone still beating this drum is clearly beating to the beat of a different deity.