Tomorrow, October 1, 2017, is a designated day to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

We all know about the tension.  We all know about the holy wars and terrorism.  Lots of reasons right there.  But unlike praying for any other country or city in the world, God Himself PROMISES to bless you if you do.

Pray and seek for Jerusalem’s peace,
For all who love her will prosper!
O Jerusalem, may there be peace for those
Who dwell inside your walls,
And prosperity in your every palace.
I intercede for the sake of my family and friends
Who dwell there, that they may all live in peace!
For the sake of your house, our God,
I will seek the welfare and prosperity of Jerusalem.

Psalm 122:6-9

For a long time I didn’t understand what was so important about a tiny patch of land in near desert-like conditions in the mid-East.  Give me a secluded beach in Orange County California or a mountain stream valley in North Carolina if it comes down to serenity, beauty and nature’s ambiance.   But as I matured as a Christian, I kept asking God  – “why Jerusalem?”  It is supposedly the first place where man (Abraham of the Old Testament) offered his only son Isaac to God, as a foreshadowing of what God the Father would do for all of us so that we could be reconciled to Him without all of our ….unpleasantness… getting in the way of our relationship.  Like the place you proposed to your sweetheart of 50 years or the hospital where you had your first child, I’m sure it has a special place in His heart because it is a demonstrated exchange of sacrifice for each other.

For me, I’ve come to cherish and pray for Jerusalem because it is important to my Daddy.  (For those unaware, the word “Abba” which is the Name Jesus said He came to reveal to us is Aramaic equivalent of what we often call our loving earthly fathers when we are little.)  In relationships, I guarantee you most men don’t WANT to go shopping with their wives and most wives really don’t WANT to spend hours each weekend being glued to the TV to watch our favorite sports teams.  Especially when we don’t want to “talk about” what we think our favorite quarterback’s girlfriend is like.   But we gladly do it.  Because we know it means a LOT to them.

Praying for peace isn’t just asking for and end to strife, division or loud detonation of bombs.   The word “peace” used is the word SHALOM which actually goes far beyond the idea of being calm or tranquil.  It extends into prosperity.  Well being.  Being complete and fulfilled.   One of the best descriptions I’ve ever heard was “nothing missing, nothing broken, more than enough for whatever you need.

And if just doing it to make your Almighty Creator of the Universe Papa happy isn’t enough, He actually promises you an incentive.  What you pray for Jerusalem will actually also be multiplied to you.   In another scripture He promises that He will bless them that bless (Jerusalem).