One of the political vloggers I follow reacted to Attorney General Sessions announcement to federally recriminalize marijuana.  He began reeling off a number of “facts” and made it sound like it was not only completely harmless in all cases – but was a wonder drug.

My response in short – “please quit spewing PR instead of science.”  Here it is:

You seem to be an intelligent guy. But it seems you haven’t researched the most trusted medical studies on cannabis.
FIRST – I am FOR decriminalization of weed. I’m also very much for eliminating federal drug laws – leaving it with the states. I’m AGAINST Sessions action on this – although I’m not thoroughly convinced it isn’t part of the 4D Chess match Trump is playing. That being said – let’s get real about health benefits of cannabis.
MEDICAL USE is overwhelmingly positive in most studies, especially for cancer, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis.
SMOKING ANYTHING – including marijuana – is harmful to respiratory system. MOST weed consumed – even at dispensaries – are laden with chemical treatment and pesticides. Most papers also when burned are incredibly toxic.
LONG TERM STUDIES show very damaging effects – especially to teens. The LONGEST STUDY to date (20 years) shows incredibly dangerous and addictive effects – far worse than alcohol.
Let’s stay with facts and not with the common PR put out by self-interest groups. Let the chips fall where they may but not let’s use our biases to remain ignorant of the real issues.
I added an additional comment addressing the supposed biblical authorization (Genesis 1:29) to smoke weed where God tells Adam he gave him all the plants and seeds.
Your scriptural defense doesn’t work (imho). Poison Ivy was “given” but doesn’t mean it is without it’s negative effects to your body. Anemone nemorosa is incredibly toxic to animals and humans – but also has enormous medical benefits. INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY is the point of that scripture. It’s not a manual to put anything into your body that happens to grow on earth.

I have personally come a long way on this issue. I did a little in college – hated not being totally in control of all my faculties – and was generally FOR it being crime as I became an adult.  However, over the past 10+ years – as I’ve learned how our own government began trafficking in it, and how it has been used to infringe on the constitutional rights and civil liberties of the population – I’ve drastically changed my mind. I haven’t changed the fact that I would personally smoke it recreationally if it were legal in my state, because I’ve studied the biological and medical effects of smoking since I was about 13 years old.  Maybe if there was a way to nebulize the active ingredients taken from organic sources I’d try it.  But it’s just not worth it to me personally.

I am however strongly against the ridiculous ban on the use of the plant that has so many amazing properties to be used for ropes, oils and paper products.  I don’t think the government should be involved in telling any state – or individual – how they should handle ANY issue outside of those set forth in the Constitution.  You know – as it was intended and as it is emphasized in the Federalist Papers.

Potheads will be potheads but the government needs to get out of the micro-managing ANYTHING that can be handled at the state level.   In my humble opinion of course. 🙂