One of my “day jobs” is that of a founder of a biotechnology research company. On our advisory board include scientists and doctors ranging from Berkley/Lawrence Livermore to various universities including Georgetown. I have an above average exposure to the process of evaluating medical and biotechnology.

Forget for a moment that the CDC publicly admitted it gave contaminated vaccines to 98 Million Americans in the ’60’s; or the FDA inserts included with vaccines admit they are dangerous (like the whooping cough vaccine ADMITTING it could cause autism, SIDS and death); or that multiple CDC whistleblower scientists have come forth admitting they were forced to cover up autism/vaccine links like William Thompson, Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control did in 2014. (He found that the US Government was intentionally hiding data on African American children, autism and vaccines.)

MY OWN EXPERIENCE with government (and medical) corruption began back around 2002 when I was a business consultant for a microbiologist and doctor who discovered (what eventually became) a poorer version of the acne treatment ProActiv. Her clients included Cameron Diaz, and some close acting friends of mine who found it worked wonders on all degrees of severity of acne as well eczema.

The formulation was merely just a mix of good bacteria cultures – mostly milk acidophilus and enormous advantages over the leading acne treatment was Accutane made by Hoffmann-La Roche which had been settling liver damage and birth defects settlements IN THE BILLIONS out of court.

My client’s treatment was topical and ‘organic’ (you could literally drink it) and with the celebrity endorsements she had, she had decided to market it through TV spots beginning with a test in a very few cities. She was flabbergasted when DURING THE AIRING of the first test spots, the TV stations and her headquarters in California were immediately served injunctions to halt the airing AND HER LABORATORY WAS RAIDED by the FDA.

How the hell did the FDA and the FTC even KNOW the product was launching let alone have ANY data to get a lawsuit injunction to stop it – BEFORE ANYONE except her current clients – had even ordered it – much less used it? We later found out the media firm and TV stations had alerted Roche – who bought enormous amounts of advertising time – weeks before the test. This was a mafia hit job.

My client spent almost half a million dollars and 2 years getting to court – meanwhile being prohibited from selling something that could be purchased at any health food store. The FTC went after her for “making unsubstantiated medical claims” and the FDA for not getting approval WHICH WASN’T EVEN REQUIRED since it was a topical ointment made of materials that passed the FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) classification. During the trial, the FTC used a scientist who actually had worked at Roche DIRECTLY prior to being hired for the lawsuit. Roche spent millions on “consultants” and lawyers to try and bankrupt her through court. To her credit she stood in there – but non-jury ruling ended up allowing her to sell her product out of her medical practice BUT NOT ON THE AIR OR ACROSS STATE LINES. (So it’s only ok to poison her own patients? Why allow it to be sold at all if it’s so dangerous?) Meanwhile Accutane (which had lawsuits for everything from Crohn’s disease to suicide) was taken off of the market in 2009 NEVER DISCLOSING PUBLICLY why or how it worked. Juries have awarded over $50 million in claims and a class action suit with 2,000 plantiffs was allowed to proceed this year (2018). Hoffman La Roche reported billions in revenues against only millions in expense but using their money to wait out or wear down plantiffs for decades until the current class action proceeded forth. Doctors – for years trusted the ‘medical trials’ of HLR, of course not being able to independently challenge it until the weight of lawsuits finally made it less profitable. (Here is a Harvard University write up on how the company cajoled and manipulated the FDA for years.)

The coup de grace was that one month after the trial ended, the FDA’s chief scientific advisor left the FDA TO GO BACK TO ROCHE to his previous position of science researcher. My client gave up her fight and confined her practice California where she never recovered financially from the hit.

My point is – the pharma companies have enormous power – both financially and in government lobbying – to suppress the truth. Perhaps you never heard of how the FDA denied Aspartame (NutraSweet) from being approved for over a decade due to brain hemorrhaging and other concerns but when Ronald Regan was elected to office – Don Rumsfeld, the CEO of Searle (who owned NutraSweet) had Nixon/Ford/Carter’s 20 year FDA leader fired so he could put in his own and get it approved in the first year of the Regan administration. Doctors, media all went along with the claim NutraSweet was safe (a modified chlorine molecule – gotta be healthy right?) because TV was making too much money from advertising to run 60 Minute investigations and the government was former Searle shills. It hasn’t gotten any better.

Sources of Information

Who do you believe? Social media is awash with people who immediately jump into your discussion with fierce attacks on ANYONE that would question the safety of vaccines.  And that itself is very curious.  The “concerned mom” on Twitter who is trying to quell concerns about vaccines was obviously naive. She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with ANY vaccine despite the fact that government vaccine court has paid over $3 Billion in judgements to vaccine victims? And despite 10,000 cases being denied for every ONE that is allowed the fact that in 2015, 117 lawsuits were settled alone is staggering proof something is wrong.

In case you were unaware, vaccine manufacturer’s got Reagan to remove them normal lawsuits like EVERY OTHER business and pharmaceutical company….yes, you heard that right – there is NO LEGAL ACCOUNTABILITY for vaccine manufacturers . (View government site for verification of settlements and amounts here.)

Here for instance is the FDA disclosure for the whooping cough vaccine. On page 11 (pdf) it reads:

2018-06-07 18_28_58-Tripedia Product Approval Information - tripedialb

What mother in their right mind would try to warn parents against vaccine concerns that the FDA and the manufacturer ITSELF says can create death or autism? Of course, like the original documentation for NutraSweet – they have now disappeared from the CDC website (but not the drug itself.)

Go and get the FDA safety disclosures of a few vaccines. You know, the ones they hide in the boxes that no one reads. GO READ THEM.

Are there good vaccines? Of course!! Are they ALL just fine and dandy for anyone? WTF? Of course not if the manufacturer itself says it isn’t!

Here is another great example.

Gardasil is a vaccine that cost Republican Governor Rick Perry a shot at the Presidency (that and the fact he came across as an uneducated pretty boy.) Perry had mandated that Gardasil be given to all Texas pre-teen girls despite a significant uproar from parents and concerned medical practitioners who weren’t convinced of it’s safety. We all trust the Huffington Post right?

Here is what HuffPo wrote about How Accurate Are the Recent Claims of the Dangers of the HPV-Vaccination Gardasil?:

That being said, let’s look at what the evidence says.

The HPV vaccine is at least as safe, if not safer, than the other recommended vaccines in use today in the U.S.

Well that’s interesting because the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – the very month after this was written published a paper entitled: Current Safety Concerns with Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: A Cluster Analysis of Reports in VigiBase® It says the study:

…shows that adverse event reports received from national authorities — and these will represent only a fraction of those actually experienced — show a tendency to produce clusters of serious adverse events that include complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) that exceeds any other vaccine.

GOT THAT? “that exceeds any other vaccine.” EXACTLY OPPOSITE what HuffPo reported.

Independently, scientists Lucija Tomljenovic, Christopher A. Shaw, Judy Wilyman, Eva Vanamee, and Toni Bark use the example of Merck’s Gardasil, a human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, to demonstrate the point that pro-HPV vaccine activism is not based on science, but instead on misrepresentations of science. What they found (pdf) was that there (literally) was NO EVIDENCE for the claims being made!

In a letter signed by all five of these scientists, they point out several flaws in the claims that Merck’s Gardasil and Pfizer’s Cervarix make to sell their vaccines[1]:

  1. HPV vaccines have never been shown to prevent cervical cancer.
  2. The end-points used in the studies are based on infections and lesions that usually heal without help, so how can they demonstrate efficacy in preventing cancer several years later?
  3. The trials are biased to produce false negatives and therefore cannot accurately estimate the risk of developing cancer.
  4. Passive methods of recording adverse effects cannot accurately reflect how prevalent they are.
  5. Accurate estimates of the actual frequency of HPV vaccine adverse effects cannot be made when such effects are automatically dismissed as unrelated to the vaccine.
  6. Women are not informed that, in some instances, the HPV vaccines may increase the rate at which existing abnormalities develop, thus causing the cancer from which they’re supposedly being protected.
  7. When information about HPV vaccine risks and limitations are not provided, women cannot possibly make informed decisions about whether to have the vaccine.
  8. Health regulators are making decisions based on information provided by the same corporations that hope to profit from them. How can they possibly make rational decisions on such limited and biased information?

So – here are 5 scientists NOT being paid by the company that makes the drug – to study the data and they are concerned about the rampant “claims” of vaccine safety.

What’s worse is now that Gardasil is on the market – researchers around the world are documenting cases where teen girls ovaries are being completely destroyed. (Link here to general article – scientific research links in footnotes.) NO ONE EVER THOUGHT TO TEST TO SEE WHAT IT WOULD DO TO OVARIES.

From Robert F Kennedy, Jr. (son of AG Bobby Kennedy)  comes this:

Late last year, Slate published an investigative report detailing how pharmaceutical giant, Merck, used “flawed” and “unreliable” pre-licensing safety studies to push through approval of its multi-billion-dollar bonanza, the HPV vaccine. For veteran safe vaccine advocates, like myself, the most shocking aspect of the expose was that Slate published it at all. Slate and other liberal online publications including Salon, Huffington Post and The Daily Beast customarily block articles that critique vaccine safety in order, they argue, to encourage vaccination and protect public health. Motivated by this noble purpose, the liberal media—the supposed antidote to corporate and government power—has helped insulate from scrutiny the burgeoning vaccine industry and its two regulators, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both agencies have pervasive and potentially corrupting financial entanglements with the vaccine manufacturers, according to extensive congressional investigations.

The Slate article nowhere discloses that FDA licenses virtually all vaccines using the same mawing safety science deficiencies that brought us Gardasil. FDA claims that “vaccines undergo rigorous safety testing to determine their safety.” But that’s not true. FDA’s choice to classify vaccine makers as “biologics” rather than “drugs” opened a regulatory loophole that allows vaccines to evade any meaningful safety testing. Instead of the multi-year double-blind inert placebo studies—the gold standard of safety science—that the FDA requires prior to licensing other medications, most vaccines now on the CDC’s recommended childhood vaccine schedule were safety tested for only a few days or weeks. For example, the manufacturer’s package insert discloses that Merck’s Hep B vaccine (almost every American infant receives a Hep B shot on the day of birth) underwent, not five years, but a mere five days of safety testing. If the babies in these studies had a seizure—or died—on day six, Merck was under no obligation to disclose those facts.

The bottom line is that both governments, manufacturers and even doctors are incentivized to not be totally honest with the public. You have to get to the science.

It is incredibly strange many ar ewilling to accept the notion that “Mercola and NaturalNews are a quacks,” – despite numerous direct hyperlinks to original government filings and research papers – but willing to accept the Twitter mom’s “opinion” that smells very suspect.

With mothers and doctors testifying with REAL STORIES like this – WHY WOULD ANY MOTHER try to “stamp out” those parents scared by vaccination?

Numerous vaccine industry “trolls” and fake PR campaigns have been uncovered wondering just how much money is being spent to “AstroTurf” average Americans into poisoning their children.  Just mention vaccines on Twitter with someone advocating skepticism and guaranteed within minutes – someone will join your discussion unannounced (through Twitter bot searches usually) to engage and demean you.  It’s uncanny.

Side By Side Comparison of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children

In a study published in the The Journal of Translational Science (2017), vaccinated homeschool children were found to have a higher rate of allergies and NDD (neurodevelopmental disorders) than unvaccinated homeschool children. (PDF download here)

This underlies the very very strange media hyperventilation over vaccination. If YOUR child has been vaccinated – WHY WOULD YOU CARE about what other parents do? Your childs vaccine should work, right?

The nasty secret is – a LOT of vaccines don’t work at all. In this study 2 mild diseases (ie, Chicken Pox) do show some efficacy, but MMR, whooping cough, both hepatitis vaccines showed NO difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

The famed “Disney Measles” outbreak is prime example of undocumented media hysteria. The CDC ITSELF found there was no “case zero” but that didn’t stop #fakenews from spreading through blogs like VOX, that generated attacks on Amish visitors suddenly accused of being the culprit. Oddly, measles has never been a serious concern for hundreds of years to healthy children. Parents (like mine) would actually send their kids to play with others that contracted it – to self-immunize. When we get to the extreme toxins in many of these vaccines and the correlated extreme side effects (like autism) replicated in over 28 studies world wide. Former Emmy Award winning CBS reporter Sheryl Attkison GOT FIRED for merely reporting scientific facts from other studies. Is it any coincidence that Big Pharma and Vaccine Manufacturers are responsible for the largest share of CBS News advertising?

Vaccine Safety

The documentary VAXX was slated to appear at Robert De Niro’s Tribecca Film Festival last year. However, 2 of the board members happen to work for large vaccine related pharmaceutical companies and demanded – that VAXX be removed from the festival. There were other films supporting NAMBLA and far more controversial issues. WHY not let people see it and judge it for themselves? De Niro at first resisted – and then appeared with his agent to say the controversy would stop the festival. This is the kind of thing done in Soviet Russia or China.

Autism VaccinesWhen you study what is in various vaccines – it is incredible that we take them at all (like using toxic mercury as a bind agent that can’t be handled without HAZMAT procedures) let alone give them to babies. As I mentioned online we are now giving DOZENS of inoculations to babies only weeks old without ANY scientific studies done the interaction between TWO of these – let alone 20 or more. There are number of studies showing the correlation with the introduction of massive vaccine schedules and the increase of autism and other chronic diseases despite knowing that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. But can you explain EVERY baby born in a hospital is given Hepatitis B – a sexually transmitted disease vaccine – that won’t even be useful by the time the individual is sexually active? One of reason of course is money.

In 1986, it cost $80 for a child to receive all federally recommended childhood vaccines in a private pediatrician’s office.47 According to the CDC, the cost to vaccinate one child with every recommended vaccine at federal contract prices rose over 2,300 percent between 1990 and 2012 – from $70 to $1,700 per child.48 By October 2016, the per-child vaccination cost at federal contract prices was $2,130, and for a child to get every dose of every federally recommended vaccine in a private pediatricians office, it cost $3,035. 49

Do you think there isn’t a financial incentive for everyone on the revenue side of this to really be accurate?

Alone it’s not conclusive. But I hope none of us is that naive to just accept whatever the manufacturer – or government – says and just putting it into our body hoping for the best. You can see the result of the lady that got the flu shot in the CBS video above. There are consequences and no one is taking it seriously especially when Health Insurance providers demand a doctor spend less than 2 minutes with each patient.

And if vaccines are so benign, why in America – supposedly the best country with the most advanced medical care – do we have the HIGHEST incident of infant death despite being the MOST vaccinated of any country?

Today, 1 child in 6 in the U.S. is learning disabled;58 1 in 9 has asthma;59 60 1 in 10 has ADHD;61 1 in 50 develops autism;62 and 1 in 400 has diabetes.63 Millions more are suffering with severe allergies 64 65 epilepsy,66 67 anxiety and depression,68 69 70 and other kinds of brain and immune disorders marked by chronic inflammation in the body.71 72 73 74 75

The U.S. has maintained one of the world’s highest child vaccination rates and lowest infectious disease rates,76 even as public health officials have been unable to explain why so many of today’s highly vaccinated children are so sick and disabled. Also unexplained, is why America has the worst infant mortality rate of all developed nations, with 6 out of 1,000 babies dying before their first birthday.77 78 79

So without any long term testing – the CDC publishes a list of vaccine ingredients we are pumping into babies. 13 Here are some of the ingredients that may be in the vaccines your doctor recommends:

Even though these ingredients in vaccines may be in small amounts, not every ingredient has been adequately tested for negative effects on the brain and immune system. 79 80 81 82 And because every person is unique, with a different genetic 83 and epigenetic heritage, 84 a different microbiome, 85 86 and a different health history, not every person reacts the same way to vaccine ingredients. 87 88

The bottom line is that I have friends who had a beautiful, bright baby boy who was laughing and giggling even at 6 weeks old. Within HOURS of getting a slate of vaccines at 15 weeks – the baby turned comatose and developed all sorts of chronic conditions including…. autism. I SAW IT. It was so stressful on the mom and dad they ended up divorcing. A UCLA MBA, the mom kept investigating everything and finally found some detox and behavioral methods that stopped the complete metamorphosis about 5 years later. But the baby we all knew for those first few months has been lost to us forever.

Autism and Vaccines

Finally we get to Autism. (Sorry about the background information) I referenced earlier the video of the former CDC head admitting that vaccines (especially MMR) can “trigger” autism. You replied something along the lines of “triggering is different than causing.” DOES IT MATTER? If your child suddenly becomes autistic – can you tell me – medically – the difference of whether the vaccine “triggers” or “causes” it?

Researchers at MIT and Purdue have found something very interesting. The thermasol (mercury) in many vaccines may actually change the mitochondrial DNA of subjects who also have been exposed to Monsanto’s RoundUp and/or GMO’s. THIS would explain why cursory studies may not show any impact in a laboratory, but deeply impact children who have been exposed to GMO’s through formula or breastmilk. (A recent study showed that over 50% of pregnant women find glysophate in their breast milk.).

What does RoundUp do? It infects the vascular system of plants and destroys it, prohibiting the plant from delivering nutrients to itself. This is the PRECISE issue of mitochondrial disruption. Here is one of the MIT researchers discussing how this happens:

This has become much longer than I originally intended, and I haven’t tapped into even 1% of data. But if you have followed it – I think you will see that there is more than enough objective, scientific evidence to at least QUESTION the safety of vaccines.

This is what modern “science” has come to. Watch the full, astonishing video below, and check out Dr. Mikovitz’ book, Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases.

Read news on real science at

bethclay-272x300To end I’ll give you a link to an Congressional investigator who began as a pro-vaccine proponent, and ended up joining the cause to expose the corruption. Her children are unaffected from their vaccines but she was so impacted by the breadth and depth of cover up, she became a full time activist. Her story can be read here.

Congressman Dan Burton Testimony- Grandson Became Autistic 2 days after 9 shots