To many upraised eyebrows, I’ve often used a few quips about my God. Like, “Of course I love Israel. My Daddy is Jewish.” Or, “Jesus Doesn’t Lie. He promised ‘in this world you will have trouble’ and He’s been good to His word.”

But the one a lot of people get a kick out of is when I talk about God’s deal with tithing. I loved to say,

God gets the glory and 10%, I get all the rest.

And when you realize that He even arranged for, and GAVE YOU the 10% you give back to Him – if you’re like me, you get even more verklempt.

In using this with a business partner this week, I realized it’s slightly more complex. First, He really has given MORE than 100%. He gave Himself for us to reconcile us to Him. Which, as Joseph Prince points out, is actually an overpayment for what we really owe Him. He literally has given us EVERYTHING. And His purpose is so that we richly enjoy it. That’s jaw dropping.

Secondly, He is OWED all the glory – but He is determined to share it with us. Jesus made this clear:

For the very glory you have given to me I have given them
so that they will be joined together as one
and experience the same unity that we enjoy.
– John 17:22 TPT

But, after we get over ourselves and our self-deception that we have ANY real success without Him, we realize that EVERYTHING is unmerited blessings. Favor. Grace. And the only thing we can offer Him is our praise and to return that glory.

People may then call us humble. The reality is that we just speaking the truth. Even the knowledge we get is His Wisdom. The ability to make the right decision is from Him as well. King David knew that his physical skills were totally given to him by God.

So we learn eventually that He is owed ALL the glory indeed (even that which He gives us).

What possibly do we have left to give him? Gratitude of course. Love? Who wouldn’t love Someone who gave them EVERYTHING so they could ‘richly enjoy it’ and make their joy complete?

Anyone who has been in at least one relationship understands that if you buy gifts for someone who really isn’t turned on by that – your expression of love is kind of wasted. What is truly love is giving them something THEY value.

Jesus defines what HE wants. His ‘love language’ is our obedience.

If you love me, show it by doing what I’ve told you.
– John 14:15 MSG

So He gave us the right to be “right” in God’s eyes just like Jesus.

He gave us the ability to ask for help (wisdom) and expect to get it.

Jesus even went so far as saying – “ask Me for ANYTHING in My name so your joy will be complete.”

So seriously. Who can possibly imagine the depth of what this means for us?!!!