The Right JB

The musings, rantings and humor of me.

About Me

…because we all know…it’s all about me.

Seriously, though, who cares who I am except Jesus, right?  I’m a 2X dad, an entremanure (that’s an entrepreneur who develops projects pre-“seed funding”), graphic artist, patent holder, writer, film producer and a horribly missing and overlooked piece of the 1992 Chicago Bulls basketball team.  It turns out they only wanted to draft players with talent despite my insistence I had more heart than Rudy Ruettiger.

These pages are filled with thoughts on entertainment, health, spiritual life, a teeny bit of politics but mostly is a therapeutic device to keep me from having to pay for a shrink.

If you want to know more about documented miracles go to The Awesome Power of God project.

If you want to read my non-fiction books go to my Author Page on Amazon.

If you want to know more about Chicago Sports (except the evil White Sox who should be banned from MLB), go to The CHI Sports Fan.

If you could care less about any of this, why the hell are you still reading?  Go get a life.

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